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Trichomoniasis entry requirement rules adopted

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) held a regularly scheduled Commission meeting on Aug. 7, 2018, at its headquarters in Austin. The following rules were adopted during the meeting and go into effect on Sept. 3, 2018.

Chapter 51, Entry Requirements
The adopted rule modified the bovine trichomoniasis (trich) interstate entry requirements to allow the entry of bulls  moved directly to a federally approved livestock market from a premises of origin without a certificate of
veterinary inspection or obtaining a permit prior to entry. Bulls entering Texas from a premises other than their premises of origin must be issued a permit before moving directly to a federally approved livestock market
that isolates the bull from female cattle at all times until the bull is tested for trich. All other bulls entering the state must be in accordance to Chapter 51, Entry Requirements.

Chapter 59, General Practices and Procedures
The adopted rule is in accordance to the Texas Government Code §656.048, which requires state agencies to adopt rules providing sound guidelines for employees and administrators to follow for training and educational reimbursement requests and ensures the TAHC maintains fiscal accountability and transparency.

The following rules were proposed during the meeting:

Rule Review for Chapter 32, Hearing and Appeal Procedures; Chapter 36, Exotic Livestock and Fowl; Chapter 45, Reportable Diseases; Chapter 56, Gifts, Grants, and Donations; Chapter 59, General Practices and
Procedures; Chapter 60, Scrapie

The proposed chapters for rule review provides the public and opportunity to comment on TAHC’s current rules. The TAHC will accept comments and make a final assessment regarding whether the reasons for initially
adopting these rules continues to exist and whether these rules should be revised, readopted or repealed.

The deadline for comment submissions on the proposed amendments is Sept. 23, 2018. Complete details of the rule proposals are available on the TAHC website at www.tahc.texas.gov/regs/proposals.html.

The TAHC encourages and appreciates all comments. Comments on the proposed chapters must be submitted in writing to Amanda Bernhard, Texas Animal Health Commission, 2105 Kramer Lane, Austin, Texas 78758, by fax at (512) 719-0719, or by email to [email protected]

Source: TAHC

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