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Livestock Wx for 9-11-18: Drought Improvement and a Tropical Wave

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Livestock Wx for Sept. 11, 2018:  Drought Keeps Improving. Will we see a Tropical Wave Hit the Gulf Coast Later this Week?

A slow-moving cold front last week produced a lot of rain — generally between 1 and 3 inches, but locally above 5 inches — over a broad part of Texas and scattered spots in Oklahoma over the past week. 

Over the past month, drought has drastically improved for most of Oklahoma while drought has shifted to west-central and South Texas. The Drought Monitor change map below show drought improvement in green and increasing drought in yellow. In early August, 55 percent of Oklahoma was considered in drought. According to the latest Drought Monitor that number is now down to 27 percent. The percentage of Texas in drought has remained relatively steady at 64 percent. Given all the rainfall over the past week; however, the drought picture should be improving for both states.


Looking at this week and next, another front will stall over Southeast Texas this week. If that’s not enough, add the potential for a tropical wave! The front will result in heavy rain over Southeast Texas.


If the tropical wave develops and moves into the western Gulf of Mexico later this week rainfall could accumulate into the 1- to 3-inch range over the Southeast quarter of Texas with amounts exceeding 4 inches near and along the immediate coast.


The development of this tropical wave is not certain, so be sure to keep up to date on the latest tropical information throughout the week.

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