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TSCRA Crime Watch: Theft of horses, saddles, tack and polo equipment in WTX

TSCRA Special Ranger Kenny Wadsworth, Dist. 17 in West Texas, reports the theft of 4 horses, saddles, tack and polo equipment from a property in Midland sometime between March 5 and 8. Stolen was a large dark bay Thoroughbred mare with a small star and a roached mane, age 6; a smaller dark bay gelding with a large star shaped like the continent of Australia and a roached mane, age 8; and two chestnut or light bay mares. The stolen bridles are marked and/or stamped “5 Star.” The stolen saddles are three light suede, a dark suede; a smooth Texas polo saddle; and a large smooth saddle. The polo mallets are marked JW, NW and MW. ¬†There were at least 30 mallets. A reward is offered for information leading to recovery of the stolen items. Anyone with information is urged to contact Special Ranger Wadsworth at 325-392-2552.


Mar 23, 2017 General Discussion, Crime Watch, General Discussion, Theft & Law