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TSCRA Crime Watch Tip: Cashier’s checks aren’t as good as cash

TSCRA Special Rangers have been notified of a recent case involving a forged cashier’s check offered for payment in a cattle sale made over the internet and by phone. The buyer sent a contract hauler to pick up the cattle, but the seller made sure to check with their bank to make sure the cashier’s check that was offered was legitimate. As it turned out, the check was a fake. But because the seller took the extra step of verifying this with his bank, he didn’t lose his cattle. Many people assume a cashier’s check, which is a check issued by a bank and payable to a specific person, is as good as cash. By using a cashier’s check, a buyer is guaranteed those funds by the issuing bank. However, technology has advanced to the point that thieves can create fake checks that would fool most people. Click here to read a few tips from the U.S. Department of the Treasury on avoiding cashier’s check fraud…

Feb 22, 2017 General Discussion, Crime Watch, General Discussion, Theft & Law