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TSCRA Government Affairs Roundup: TAHC anniversaries and 2018 Farm Bill movement

This week TSCRA Government and Public Affairs staff attended the 400th meeting of the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC). They are also celebrating this week their 125th anniversary, so many thanks to TAHC and all of the work they do to help protect Texas cattle and cattle raisers.

The 2018 Farm Bill was also passed by the House Committee on Agriculture earlier this week. The bill now goes to the House floor where more debate is expected. TSCRA continues to advocate that it include a strong research title to ensure that we remain as efficient and competitive as we can be in producing beef, a strong conservation title to protect programs like EQIP which have been very successful in helping producers do even more to protect our resources, maintain policy that supports a free, open and private marketplace, as well as robust animal health program including an FMD vaccine bank to respond to any potential outbreaks.


Apr 20, 2018 General Discussion, Issues & Policy