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TSCRA Govt Affairs Roundup: NAFTA, ranch gatherings and eminent domain

On Monday the Trump Administration and trade officials announced that a preliminary deal had been reached with Mexico on revamping NAFTA. Under the proposed deal, tariffs of beef and cattle will remain at zero, which is great news for the cattle industry who has consistently asked that negotiators do no harm to the free trade status we currently enjoy. We are continuing to monitor negotiations as Canada rejoined the talks this week.

TSCRA government affairs staff and leaders attended a ranch gathering in La Grange this week to provide attendees with an extensive update on policy issues at both the state and federal level. Additional gatherings are being hosted across the state in coming weeks. Be sure to check the website or our Facebook page for upcoming events in your area.

The Texas House Land and Resource Management Committee has announced an interim hearing on eminent domain, on Oct. 3, 2018, in Corpus Christi. Details have yet to be announced, but if you are a property owner who has been adversely affected by eminent domain, please make plans to attend this hearing to share your story with lawmakers.

TSCRA staff are also meeting with Texas legislative staff in preparation for the upcoming 2019 Texas Legislative Session.

Finally, the U.S. House of Representatives returns next week from their month-long August recess. TSCRA will continue to monitor a number of priorities in Congress, including conference committee negotiation on the 2018 Farm Bill.

Aug 31, 2018 General Discussion, Issues & Policy