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US Drought Monitor and Summary, Aug. 8, 2017

Several places across south central Texas saw a month’s worth of rainfall last week, resulting in a one-category improvement for much of the area, with the exception of a few areas that missed out on the rain such as the counties located near the Rio Grande. Two-category improvements were made in a localized area that saw 4 to 8 inches of rainfall. Moderate (D1) and severe (D2) drought remain in the eastern half of the Panhandle, with some small areas of improvement in the areas receiving heavier rainfall. In Oklahoma, heavy rains (1.5 to 8 inches) in the northeast part of the state erased the abnormally dry (D0) areas. Read more at droughtmonitor.unl.edu.

Aug 11, 2017 General Discussion, U.S. Drought Monitor