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A TSCRA Member Benefit

We live in a discount world

What can I do to get more for my calves? Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to explain it from the perspective of the buyer. Recently, Drovers’ Jared Wareham spent a few days visiting with feedyard managers, cattle procurement specialists and fat-cattle buyers and had the following ideology reiterated to me on many occasions: The beef industry is based on discounts more than anything else. Value-added programs don’t necessarily add value to a set baseline price. Rather, they begin by removing some of the discount (risk) that they assume exists. Think of it as starting in a hole and working your way out. Health, evenness and flesh are at the core of those things that tend to draw the largest barrage of initial discounts and must be overcome before moving into the next layer of value addition. –Drovers CattleNetworkRead more…

Oct 16, 2018 General Discussion